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Roc D'azur
inside the Moustache stand!

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08 Octobre 2018

Experience the event from the inside with the Moustache team, Julien Absalon and the visitors/testers we had the pleasure to welcome.

We are already giving you an appointment next year for even more tests and smiles 

Day one at Roc d’Azur

Day one at Roc d’Azur show from the inside with Julien Absalon celebrated for his first eMTB French Champion title! -{D

Roc d’Azur Day 2!!

Sun, tests sessions, smiles and beach ride!! 👌

Roc d’Azur Day 3!!

The recap of another great day for Moustache.
Only one day left to test our Smiling Machines 😉

Roc d’Azur Day 4....

hard to leave you after such great moments.
A huge thanks to everyone who came to visit us 👌😁!!
See you soon for more adventures 😉

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