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Hidden Power

Integrate a standard battery!

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For this crazy project,
the challenge was not only to integrate the battery, but also to minimize volumes. We had to optimize every angle, edge and millimetre. We also had to exceed the limits of hydroforming techniques by increasing the pressures beyond usual limit
to control each cm2 of tube.


The key to our already successful Hidden Power concept is the use of a standard Bosch battery that can be easily swapped with the largest number of bikes on the market. For example, when two people with different morphologies commit to long rides, how easy to be able to exchange the battery between the two bikes mid-ride to balance the autonomies. This also opens up the possibility of going on vacation abroad without your battery and renting one on the spot for example.

Hidden Power

The battery has a practical handle, is easy to install, easy to extract from the top, easy to carry.

Capot batterie Hidden POwer

The battery is integrated inside, it is protected from external aggressions and mud by an easily removable cover. It is protected from impacts nested inside the reinforced aluminium tube.

Rigidité Hidden Power

The frame design, in particular the down tube, provides a great stiffness and solidity to the frame. It is thanks to the facets and edges of the tube as well as to the optimized cutting, reduced as much as possible, that we can achieve this.

Hidden Power also on MTB, Urban and Versatile bikes!
potence Quick Park Quick-Park stem

Win 50% of space in few seconds!

guidon Flexbar Flexbar handlebar technology

The handlebar that filters vibrations!

Bosch technology

With Bosch, our historical partner,
we share the same vision and values of performance, quality and services.

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