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BOSCH technolgy

With Bosch, our historical partner,
we share the same vision and values of performance, quality and services.

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It’s the strong belief that performance, quality and service are the foundation of any bicycle. Our partnership with
Bosch is based on these same values. Bosch is currently the most developed and efficient system that exists…
and it’s produced in Europe.


Efficient and progressive. Perfect for daily use.
Riding pleasure at is best! The new Bosch Active Plus motor, ultra-natural, quiet, lightweight and reliable ensures even more driving pleasure. The maximum torque of up to 50 Nm offers progressive acceleration and ideal assistance for city rides or tours! Absence of friction allows to exceed the cutting speed of 25 km/h without even realizing it! Just awesome!


Powerful and sporty.
Dynamic and sporty assistance up to 63 Nm gives you more power from the start and powerful driving in all situations.


High torque and sporty.
With its maximum torque of up to 75 Nm, the Performance Line CX offers a powerful motor for demanding riders. In eMTB mode, the cyclist always has the necessary power at the right time. Benefit from a perfectly dosed support of up to 300% with incredible dynamic and unique traction.

eMTB mode

mode EMTB

eMTB mode replaces the current Sport mode in the Performance Line CX range and varies between Tour and Turbo support modes. Thanks to a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm, the motor dynamically boosts the cyclist’s own power between 120% and 300%.

Depending on the pedaling power, the progressive assistance automatically adapts to each way of pedaling. Without changing mode, the motor assists by providing the ideal power from the lowest pedaling frequencies. Starting on steep slopes and crossing technical sections becomes a child’s play. For natural pedaling sensations and maximum performance on your favorite singletracks.

potence Quick Park Quick-Park stem

Win 50% of space in few seconds!

guidon Flexbar Flexbar handlebar technology

The handlebar that filters vibrations!

hidden Power Hidden Power integration

Integrate a standard battery

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