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Samedi 27 Trail

A climb is only a descent gone awry ;-{D
On the Samedi 27 Trail, climbs and descents are all going in the right direction!!!

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Samedi 27 Trail 8

Even more than the victory, we were overjoyed at reading the testers’ comments about how they felt riding this bike and how they sensed everything we put into it, all the little details we attended to, so that our bikes bring you pleasure!

Samedi 27 Trail doubles the bet!

Already winner in 2018 in the hands of Julien Absalon, Samedi 27 Trail retains its title in 2019 thanks to Jérôme Gilloux. With Julien Absalon placing second, we find our Samedi 27 in the first two places of the podium in 2019!

Samedi 27 Trail
is even stronger!

How could we do any better?  Especially after such a win…

Well, by increasing the number of models equipped with carbon wheels!
Trail 8, 9 and 11 come with carbon wheels as standard for a more lively ride!

And that’s not all!

Forks, parts and even more effective brakes complete the arsenal! Already incredibly high performing, it’s improved again!

Samedi 27 Trail
is easy to use

Whether it’s for an undisputed champion or for one of us, it has “only” 140mm of travel making it accessible and yet formidable in every situation! Whether it’s seeking a result in a race or simply enjoying the sunday ride.

Two characteristics reinforced by the “Plus” tires and the lowered and moved back center of gravity, further increase the liveliness and the overall balance of the bike. Once again thanks to the integration of our Hidden Power technology!

Samedi 27 Trail
is more accessible

What’s more, we have further increased the ease of use with our new models Trail 2, 2W and 4W with a brand new frame. On sizes S and M, the top tube has been lowered so it’s easier to get on and off the bike. And we have limited the travel to 110mm at the rear and 120mm at the front whilst opting for an ever more accessible geometry. Our satisfaction is to see more and more users enjoying riding our bikes, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider.

the 9 versions of the Samedi 27 Trail
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