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Lundi 26

We are convinced that it’s possible to change our habits and leave the car in the garage, each monday morning, and every other day of the week!!!
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Friday 28

New and shiny.
Reduced to the essentials, but lacking nothing! As at ease weaving between cars as heading up to the third floor without a lift...
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Friday 27 & Friday 27 FS

If you want a bike that stands out from the crowd and you enjoy having fun with the daily commute, we have the solution for you!
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Dimanche 29

Comes with technology. And we could tell you more about it, but that’s what everyone does.
So we rather skip the hype and stick to the facts.
It’s not a competition all the time - It’s getting more people on bikes!
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Dimanche 28

At Moustache we love cycling and we love sharing our passion, at all times!
Our mission is to bring more people on any kind of bike … with a big SMILE riding them.
Road e-bike are super fun and open new doors providing awesome riding experience.
It’s not a competition all the time - It’s getting more people on bikes!
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Dimanche 28 Fitness

Light, lively, distinguished,
It will transform your weekly ride by turning
the worst climbs into the best moments of the ride!!
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Samedi 27 Off

Climb, descend, turn, jump, attack or just ride appreciating nature!!!
What a feeling! What fun! And how better to enjoy the ride today, tomorrow, the day after…
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Samedi 27 Race

To race against the clock in an enduro,
or simply go full out on any beat up or technical trail, whether it’s going up or down!
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Samedi 27 SX

To take on the slopes, and climb back up!
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Samedi 27 X2

2X more fun!
2X more sharing!
4X more magic!!!
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Walkbike mercredi 12

The Mercredi 12 is a bit of a special project: it was born by accident...but with the Moustache!
We designed it for our own satisfaction, but above all to make children happy...
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