Sporty Urban electric bike Friday 27

If you’re one of those riders who wants a bike that’s different and who likes having fun while getting around, we’ve got the bike for you! We created the Friday because sometimes we all just want to have a little fun.
Think of it as the bicycle version of “casual Friday” at the office. It’s fast in the city and practical, sporty and fun once you break out of the urban jungle!
We took great pleasure developing it and designing his hydroformed frame with integrated Bosch battery down to the very last detail. This new frame is using our exclusive Hidden Power technology both super practical and efficient. Even when integrated, the 400 or 500Wh battery remains easy to install, easy to remove, easy to carry, easy to swap! Yeah!!!!! We have increased the practical side by adding a Moustache Quick-Park stem, allowing a 90° turn of the handlebar in a snap. Super practical to park your Friday in an alley way for example!!!
The wider new rear carrier offers an extensive compatibility with most popular child seats on the market along with a reinforced stiffness, thanks to the 2 strong fixing connections to the frame via the tubular mudguard.
Comfort is also on the menu with the addition of new suspension forks creating a Friday range more versatile than ever! The legendary Brooks saddle and 27.5x2.35 balloon tires complement the comfort and elegance at the fullest. The powerful Bosch Performance or Performance CX motors will propel you forward efficiently, spicing up your commutes!

Velo electrique Friday 27.3
Bosch Performance, battery 400 Wh, Deore 10 speed, fork Suntour XCM
Friday 27.3
Velo electrique Friday 27.5
Bosch Performance, battery 500 Wh, SLX 11 speed, fork Suntour Mobie 25
Friday 27.5
Velo electrique Friday 27 Limited
Bosch Performance, battery 500 Wh, XT 11 speed, fork Suntour Mobie 25, rear pannier Moustache
Friday 27 Limited