What makes our bikes unique


HIDDEN POWER : integrate a standard battery !
For this crazy project, the challenge was not only to integrate the battery, but also to minimize volumes. We had to optimize every angle, edge and millimetre. We also had to exceed the limits of hydroforming techniques by increasing the pressures beyond possible to control each cm2 of tube. N

Hidden Power

Interchangeability, compatibility


The key to our already successful Hidden Power concept is the use of a standard Bosch battery that can be easily swap with the largest number of bikes on the market. For example, when two people with different morphologies commit to long rides, how easy to be able to exchange the battery between the two bikes mid-ride to balance the autonomies. This also opens up the possibility of going on vacation abroad without its battery and to rent one on the spot for example.

Hidden Power

Easy to use


The battery has a practical handle, is easy to install, easy to extract from the top, easy to carry.

Hidden Power


Frame design, in particular the down tube, provides a great rigidity and solidity to the frame. It is thanks to the facets and edges of the tube as well as to the optimized cutting, reduced to the maximum that this positive result is obtained.

Hidden Power also on
Friday 27, Samedi 28 et 27 Xroad !


Amortisseur grip control ultimate

New Grip Control Ultimate Rear Shock


This year, we have declined our rear shock in an even more efficient Grip Control Ultimate version. Indeed, the body and the shaft undergo a hard anodized treatment in order to further lower the frictions. Not only are frictions falling to further improve sensitivity and responsiveness, but the lifespan is further increased.

jante just moustache carbon

New Carbon Asymmetrical Rims 27,5+ Just Moustache


Also developed specifically for 27.5x2.8 tires, the JUST Moustache rim uses a high strength Toray T700 Carbon. Like the aluminium rim, we have achieved the best performance with an internal width of 35mm for a perfect match with 2.8 tires. This is the best balance to maintain a “balloon” tire that does not penalize the steering or when putting the bike on the angle. Even more important on a carbon rim, the sidewalls have a higher thickness to withstand the most severe impacts! As for our aluminium rim, the profile is asymmetrical to obtain a homogeneous tension between the two layers of spokes which guaranty a greater stability and a greater dynamism.

NEw Quick Park stem !

potence quick park Moustache

Quick Park System on the FRIDAY 27 stems


potence quick park Moustache

Lift the lever and turn the handlebar in a snap !


potence quick park Moustache

Only a few seconds to turn the handlebar 90° and save 50% storing space !



Guide chaine Moustache

Guiding the chain in the best way and avoiding «chain suck», is the mission of our proprietary system. It consists of a flange and two fingers, one nylon and the other stainless steel in order to increase the stiffness and the accuracy of the guide while minimizing wear. !

Tige de selle telescopique Moustache

The telescopic seatpost is a must-have accessory! We therefore decided to generalize it on all our Trail and Race as well as on Off6 and 8. Already very smooth, and perfectly guided, we optimized its operation with a new more effective hydraulic cartridge. It is anodized hard coat for an exemplary longevity.


The new ergonomic lever fits perfectly under the thumb and also reduces friction for immediate response.


The more you ride a eMTB, the more you improve your skills, the faster you go, the harder you ride! The standard cranks are no longer stiff enough... So we decided to create our own models! They are forged and strengthened in order not to bend from the power of the most enthusiast riders or from your most awesome jumps!


le guidon Moustache

Ahhhh...the famous Moustache handlebar...


... where it all started ! Invented by our ancestors, we’ve updated it and given it a new, unique design. This design has an essential function: it offers a natural riding position for improved comfort. We developed more than 4 different variations, each with small angle differences, until we found the perfect shape. Like our frames, it’s made from 6061 alloy, and it also gets the same thermal treatments for maximum resistance. There are two versions :
A high-rise city version for our Lundi 26. The riding position is extremely comfortable, with a straight back and the best field of vision.
A touring or trekking version that has less rise, for a more sportive position better suited for longer rides.

garde-boue Moustache

At Moustache, we’ve never really liked mudguards…

They’re never positioned correctly, they always move, and they’re rarely aesthetic… So we decided to start from scratch and develop our own mudguards! The exclusive Moustache mudguards are tubular and, therefore, very stiff, yet still very lightweight! And they are concentric to the wheel, so it’s easier on your eyes too. We developed three exclusive profiles. The mudguards are extruded and then bent to adapt to the size of the wheel. A mudguard may appear simple, but it was actually a complex development. But we think you’ll agree that it was worth it.