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why e-bikes?

Because for us, e-bikes are the obvious solution to today’s mobility problems.

Several studies show that e-bike users ride more often and longer, and they usually choose their e-bike instead of other means of transportation.

Economical to use (about 1€ for 1000 km), interactive, enjoyable and lightweight, e-bikes have a huge advantage compared to scooters and electric cars: even without a battery, you can still use them!

What exactly is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a bicycle with additional functions that make riding simpler and more enjoyable.

Small differences but with big effects: no more hard climbs, no more problems riding into the wind, no more sweating during your commute...

If we compare it to other electric vehicles, the e-bike has the best price/weight/autonomy ratio.

The figures speak for themselves:

Type of vehicle Quality e-bike Electric scooter Electric car
Weight 20 à 26 kg 100 à 130 kg 1500 à 2000 kg
Autonomy 50 à 100 km 50 à 80 km 120 à 160 km

In addition, we obtain these results with minimal environmental impact. The effort produced by the rider is completed by a 250W motor, supplied by a compact and lightweight battery (on average, 36V with a capacity of 8Ah).

It’s this man/machine synergy, the small amount of space it takes up, and its cost that, combined, make the e-bike the most efficient of electric vehicles.