Practical urban electric bike Lundi 26

We strongly believe that it’s possible to change our habits and leave the car in the garage on Monday morning (along with the other days of the week) and go to work, to the market, shopping, or just to discover your city from a new perspective. You may even find yourself having fun!
We wanted to share our own experiences with you, and that’s why we created the Lundi 26, a unique, androgynous and chic e-bike. We wanted to make it practical, so we developed a step- through frame, and we used 26” balloon tires for additional comfort. The exclusive and ergonomic Moustache handlebar provides a perfect riding position with optimal vision.
Another Moustache innovation: the frame. It has vertical flex to filter vibrations but uses a triple-cavity tube for lateral stiffness, offering maximal stability and safety for unparalleled riding pleasure!

Velo electrique Lundi 26.1
New Bosch Active Plus, battery 300 Wh, 9 speed, 6 colors
Lundi 26.1
Velo electrique Lundi 26.3
New Bosch Performance, battery 400 Wh, 10 speed, 6 colors
Lundi 26.3
Velo electrique Lundi 26.5
New Bosch Performance, battery 400 Wh, drivetrain Nuvinci, 6 colors
Lundi 26.5
Velo electrique Lundi 26.7
New Bosch Performance, battery 400 Wh, drivetrain Alfine DI2, 6 colors
Lundi 26.7