Bosch Battery Autonomy

Battery, energy source of your ebike

Your Moustache Electric Bike is provided with Bosch battery of 300, 400 ou 500 Wh. Bosch battery are an efficient energy provider with staying power – and the most modern eBike batteries on the market. They combine impressive mileage performance, a long lifetime and low weight with an ergonomic design and simple handling. The high-quality lithium-ion batteries are equipped with a Battery Management System, which recognizes potential sources of error and protects the cells from overload.

Modern Bosch lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect or self-discharge issues. Your battery will charge to 50% in about 2 hours, depending on the charger and PowerPack.

How estimate your ebike battery autonomy ?

The data reported here are realistic values measured under the conditions of use detailed below. For estimate your autonomy, coose a motor, your battery (300, 400 ou 500 Wh) and your use. It gives you an estimate of your autonomy in km.

For even more precision and personalized results, you can refer to the Bosch online simulator (at the bottom of the page).

How to preserve your Bosch battery ?

Bosch has developped a guide for find out more about your battery and its maintenance. Click the image.

Bosch ebike battery guide
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Autonomy simulator for Bosch ebikes system :