Every moustache is unique, every moustache is recognizable, every moustache has a strong identity, just like our bikes!


Pain and pleasure... they are such different feelings and yet so closely linked. Athletes know that these sensations often go together: the agony of supreme effort, the joy of excelling, the thrill of reaching your goal!

But we also experience these emotions in our daily lives. When we embark on a crazy project, we often suffer along the way. Nothing is simple. But when we succeed in overcoming obstacles, one after another, when our mad ideas become a reality and when your first spin on a new prototype brings you sensations beyond your wildest dreams...the pleasure is intense! Unreal, even!

Here at Moustache there are lots of crazy projects. From the creation of the company five years ago to our latest project, we’ve had some very intense and emotion-packed years. Our new mountain bikes are the best example of this! When we decided to incorporate a battery that was not designed for that purpose, we were crossing a lot of boundaries.

The boundaries of our imagination, technical boundaries, etc. But we did our utmost to push them all back!

Just one example: the diagonal tube. There was no machine capable of hydroforming a tube like that, in which the battery is housed. We had to save one millimetre after another, find space where there wasn’t any, tweak every radius, every angle; we had to modify the machine, increase the pressures...to end up with a result that surpassed our expectations.

And after all that work, the separate testing, when everything came together, when the new suspension platform, the new shock absorber, the new tubes, the new geometry, and the new tyres all started singing in harmony... Words can’t describe the feeling of our first ride! These are the emotions that make us keep trying harder every day. The only thing that matters to us now is that you too will be able to experience these emotions and have moments of pure pleasure on our bikes. We also hope you will sense all the work that our teams have put into every single detail. Those details, that commitment: these are what make a Moustache. Thanks again to our teams, our partners, and our customers for their unwavering commitment!

to the collection

why moustache?

The moustache has been an integral part of the history of the bicycle for a long time now. Look no further than the famous moustache handlebar! Our handlebars are innovative and can be considered as a modern take on the famous moustache handlebars of the past. Every moustache is unique, every moustache is recognizable, every moustache has a strong identity, just like our bikes!

Moustache is the strong belief that e-bikes are an incredible opportunity for the development of cycling! As we see it, they are an excellent alternative to cars. A quality e-bike can bring happiness, whether it be in an urban environment, or leisure rides, or for more intense riding.

It’s a certain vision of the e-bike. A different, modern, innovative and qualitative vision. It’s the desire to consider the rider as our priority, the center of our thought and development process. It’s the desire to offer bikes that are both unique and rewarding by combining design, comfort and ease of use.

Moustache is also a walk bike for learning to ride. It’s the only bike without electric pedal assistance, but for us it’s one of the most important bikes in our collection: it's the first bike, the one that will ignite a passion in the youngest of riders!

Moustache is a structured collection with 8 families to cover all the different riding needs: urban, all road, road, mountain bike and kids’ bikes, so you can find the right Moustache for you!

The company

Moustache is based in Les Vosges region, of France, home to our childhood memories, our families, and our values. We strongly believe that the strength of a company is based above all on its employees, and we’ve built ours around our complementary skills. After starting out as two bike-lovers crazy enough to embark on such an adventure - Manu (development) and Greg (sales) - we now have more than 38 people working on the development and production of our bikes.